Ruby Star Society Layer Cake Club

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Subscribe to our Ruby Star Society Layer Cake Club and receive a layer cake from one of your favorite Ruby Star designers each month and save 20%!  This is an on-going club and each month a new collection will be featured...

February 2022 - First Light by Ruby Star Collaborative
March 2022 - Birthday by Sarah Watts
April 2022 - Reign by Rashida Coleman-Hale
May 2022 - Camellia by Melody Miller
June 2022 - Florida Volume 2 by Sarah Watts
July 2022 - Food Group - RSS Collaborative Collection
August 2022 - Spooky Darlings - RSS Collaborative Collection
September 2022 - Vessel by Alexia Abegg
October 2022 - Tomato Tomahto by Kim Kight
November 2022 - Elixir by Melody Miller
December 2022 - Unruly Nature by Jen Hewitt
January 2023 -  Koi Pond by Rashida Coleman-Hale
February 2023 - Sugar by Sarah Watts
March 2023 - Honey Warp and Weft by Alexia Abegg
April 2023 - Strawberry Friends by Kim Kight
May 2023 - Reverie by Melody Miller
June 2023 - Jolly Darlings - RSS Collaborative Collection
July 2023 - TBD, check back for updates!

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