Colossal Round Rug Pattern

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If you have always loved the braided round rugs, now you can make your own to brighten your space with the Colossal Round Rug from RJ Designs! Pick the perfect coordinating fabrics or even a jelly roll of your favorite fabrics and start sewing. This slightly more advanced pattern from RJ Design's has two round rug size options; a 38" (using one 2½" jelly roll) or a huge, colossal, giant 54" (using two 2½" jelly rolls).

To Make One Colossal Round Rug:

- 2 Jelly Roll or 4 Strip Packs (total of 80 strips)

- 2 packs of Bosal Katahdin Batting (total of 100 yards)

To Make One Smaller Round Rug:

- 1 Jelly Roll or 2 Strip Packs (total of 40 strips)

- 1 pack of Bosal Katahdin Batting

Skill level: Intermediate