Bonnie Macrame Craft Cord 6mm x 100yd - Pink

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Bonnie Craft Cords are the highest quality cords available for use with chair frames, plant hangers, rugs and other home craft projects. The braided prolypropylene cord is 6mm thick, 100 yds long. 

All Bonnie Craft Cords are specially designed with more than the required amount of UV stabilizers for added strength and durability: Bonnie Craft is washable, easy to knot, soft on hands, hypoallergenic and never fused. Tensile weight limit is 154 lbs. This cording is fusible (melt ends together with a lighter or melting tool).  Fuse ends together to join ends or finish without making knots.  This thickness can also be spliced together to form hidden knots (use a cord splicing tool such as the Magic Splicer). Made in USA.