Quilting Cotton

Quilting Cotton

Quilting cotton is the most popular choice of fabric for quilters. Stash Fabrics carries a vast collection of 100% cotton modern quilting fabric for quilters and sewists who appreciate contemporary designs.  Stash Fabrics stocks quilting cotton from manufacturers like Ruby Star Society, Moda, Art Gallery Fabrics, FIGO,  Cotton + Steel, Dear Stella, Riley Blake, Robert Kaufman, Andover Fabrics, Cloud9 Organic Fabrics, Windham Fabrics, Dashwood Studio, FreeSpirit Fabrics, and others.  You are sure to find the perfect modern quilting fabric for your next project or a great addition to your personal fabric stash!

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What is Quilting Cotton fabric?

Quilting cotton is made from 100% cotton.  It has a plain, tight weave with a medium to high thread count depending on the manufacturer. This makes quilting cotton ideal for easy cutting and sewing and also lends durability to the fabric over time. Quilting cotton is mainly used for quilting and home sewing projects. 

Can I use Quilting Cotton for making apparel?

Quilting cotton is made specifically for quilting. That being said, quilting cotton comes in such a beautiful variety of prints that we often get asked if you can make clothing out of it.  Quilting cotton can certainly be used to make apparel, however, one thing to remember is that quilting cotton tends to have more body than apparel cotton. It isn't overly soft and has less drape. Quilting cotton fabric works great when it's used for garments that need more structure. With the right pattern and project, apparel made with quilting cotton can turn out great! We suggest experimenting with quilting cotton from different manufacturers since they all have a slightly different thread count, weight, drape, and feel.  Show us what you made!  We love to see what our customers are making.  Follow us on Instagram at @stashfabrics and tag your photos with #workingmystashoff.