Fat Quarter Bundles

Fat Quarter Bundles

Fat quarter bundles are curated collections of fabric, often from a specific fabric line. We offer a large assortment of fat quarter bundles to get your next project started quickly and/or to give your quilting fabric stash a boost. Fat quarter bundles are perfect for building your stash for cheap, giving you a large selection of small but usable pieces of fabric. A fat quarter of regular quilting cotton fabric measures approximately 18'' x 21''.

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What size is a fat quarter?

A fat quarter of fabric measures approximately 18'' x 21'' (for 44'' wide quilting cotton). When you order a 1/4 yard from our store, you receive a "skinny" quarter cut from the bolt which measures 9'' x width of fabric. To cut a fat quarter, we first cut a half yard and then cut the half yard in half along the fold. Having a piece of fabric that is closer to square gives you a lot of cutting flexibility. For example, you can get two 10-inch squares, four charm squares and one 2.5-inch strip from only one fat quarter, but this is just one combination!

What is a fat quarter used for?

Fat quarters are primarily used by quilters as they generally want a lot of variety in prints and color value to create movement in their quilts, but they can really be used for any project requiring a small piece of fabric or where you might consider creating a patchwork piece of fabric.  A collection of fabric and thus fat quarter bundles are designed to give you a curated selection of fabric that you can easily incorporate into your next project.