Cloud9 Fabrics

Cloud9 Fabrics

Cloud9 Fabrics uses only 100% certified organic cotton in the manufacturing of their base cloths and eco-responsible low impact dyes for printing and dyeing. Cloud9 Fabrics works closely with mills that are committed to ethical and responsible conduct.  This includes respecting the rights of all individuals, a devotion to sustained social compliance, and an accountability to the environment. Cloud9 Fabrics is committed to bringing beautiful and unique organic cotton fabrics to the home sewing marketplace and places a strong emphasis on the distinction of their artists, designers and licensing partners.

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What is 100% certified organic cotton?

Organic cotton is cotton that is grown organically from non-genetically modified plants without using any synthetic agricultural chemicals such as fertilizers or pesticides aside from natural ones allowed by the certified organic labeling. Organic cotton is made without toxic materials and contaminating pesticides, and it's also grown in healthier soil. Because of this, textiles made from organic cotton are mostly higher quality fabric. To get certification, an organic cotton must meet the standards of a recognized international or national standard organization, generally in regards to percentage of organic cotton in the textile as well as natural farming methods.

What can I make with Cloud9 Fabrics?

Cloud9 organic fabric is a great choice for all your quilting and home sewing projects.  For more Cloud9 Fabrics inspiration, you can visit their website and check out all of their free projects.