Bright Eyes | Anna Maria Horner

Bright Eyes | Anna Maria Horner

Bright Eyes fabric collection designed by Anna Maria Horner for FreeSpirit Fabrics has many charming designs to celebrate the extraordinary beauty found in ordinary, everyday surroundings and what happens if you keep your eyes bright and open. With a variety of flowers and floral prints large, small, mini, and tiny the details of the designs within the design are very fine. In the design work of Bossy and Bossy Mini, Anna Maria features the poppy as a focal point, the eye found in the center of poppies command attention and force you to look at them in awe! This lends itself to a variety of options on what to create; applique, blocks, etc. The print comes in a massive size in two colors, along with a medium scale, dark background. The space surrounding the poppy is managed nicely with interesting texture found in daisies and chrysanthemums.

Described by Anna Maria as fun and kicky, Stacked is inspired by a stack of ceramic painted bowls. This print can be cut in long strips as a whole piece or as different pieces in an applique design, utilizing the variety of patterns in the bowl shape. Stacked will inspire in many ways! The color names are fun too; Breakfast and Lunch!

Facets was created to look like a single side of something that has many sides, similar to a cut gem! The design is comprised of a vintage flower accented by stripes in a gradation of color that were inspired by choosing needlepoint wool colors. The two color options in this design are reminiscent of sour candy and berry – enjoy!

Presented as a bouquet of birds, Visitation was inspired by quick-moving finches that often visited Anna Maria during the design process of Bright Eyes. A lot of thought went into the scale of Visitation; the repeat of the vertical, along with the amount of bouquets across the width of the fabric.

Anna Maria describes In Town as a nontraditional plaid, inspired by a needle point stitching chart that shows a basket weave stitch. While incorporating more colors during the evolution of the design, In Town began to resemble a woven plaid and also reminded Anna Maria of a city block, thus the name In Town!

Picky is a new version of a print from the past. The design of this print was created to resemble flowers that you just can’t help but pick! Circular flowers with little spoke petals that are too cute to leave behind. This updated version is presented packed together as a medium to small print and is very cheerful!

Dot Your Eyes from the collection Bright Eyes by @annamariahorner is a sweet, little dotted coordinate. This charming print can serve as an ‘extra’ tonal dot with its fun accent lines that resemble eyelashes! Not exactly a dot, but loveable, bright eyes to keep you cheery whilst creating!

It beautifully displays the return of the Bright Eyes leading role, a Poppy! The goal of Cheering Section is to mimic the versatility of Echinacea, one of the more popular designs by Anna Maria, allowing the maker to utilize every inch of this print to create almost no waste. During the design process, this poppy print took on human form, with un bloomed pods serving as two little pom poms attached to stems that resemble arms. These will cheer you on throughout all of your creative endeavors, thus the name, Cheering Section!

Inspired by crochet and Anna Maria’s collection of family hand crafts, Cosmos is an irregular plaid on point. When designing Cosmos, Anna Maria thought of the unique correlation between the center of a granny square/circle and the center of flowers – making Cosmos a perfect print to cut up for applique! In its entirety, Cosmos has a nice, stripey, dynamic quality.

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