Art Gallery Fabrics

Art Gallery Fabrics

Art Gallery Fabrics is a leading manufacturer of modern fabrics, known for their incredible quality, a tight-knit team of fantastic designers and a variety of substrates suitable for many types of sewing projects. From quilting to garment making, Art Gallery Fabrics has a little something for everyone, and we invite you to feel the difference! 

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Can you really feel the difference in the Art Gallery Fabrics base cloth?

Art Gallery Fabrics' designs are printed on 100% Premium PIMA cotton that is mercerized to ensure the absolute brilliancy of all colors. They are printed on a narrow width of 44/45″ and have an exceptional thread count and very fine weave. We also carry a nice selection of their voile, knit, canvas and rayon fabrics that are all print with the same quality in their Korea mills. We believe you can absolutely feel the difference.

What are the care instructions for Art Gallery Fabrics cloth?

The Art Gallery Fabrics website has a very useful page that includes care instructions for all of their different types of fabric. Click here to see it.