Annie Brady | Bound Co.

Annie Brady | Bound Co.

Annie Brady is the founder and designer behind Bound Co. She has been designing fabric and quilts in partnership with Moda since 2016. With a background in graphic design and repeat pattern making, Annie has a natural inclination towards clean design, order and fine details. In both her quilts and fabric collections, she strives to create compellingly simple designs which strike a balance between being modern and timeless. And as a relatively new quilter, Annie designs all of her quilts with beginners in mind. 

Annie got into quilting by accident. Her love of illustration came first, which led her to printed textiles, which then led her to quilts. She never considered herself a natural crafter and was taken by surprise at how much pleasure it brought her to complete her first quilt. On seeing and feeling that first piece, finished and bound, she immediately had ideas for many more. 

Bound Co. was born out of a desire to pass on this pleasure of crafting to others, with the mission of giving people instructions and tools to make creating easy, whilst protecting the tradition of handcraft through considered design and time tested methods.

When Annie isn’t designing fabric or quilts, she’s most likely walking on a beach or in the woods, in her adopted home of Rhode Island, dreaming about visiting her native Ireland or scheming up plans for some wild project or far flung adventure. 

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