Stash Fabrics

Design Wall
Mariner Cloth
Doves in Green
Plaid Scarf
Mr. Snowman
Plaid in Green
Essex Yarn Dyed Metallic
Essex Yarn Dyed Metallic
Tweed Thicket
Festive Shine Gold Metallic
Wiltshire Shade Silver Metallic
Crossed in Snowflake
Holly in Star
Kitschy in Shiny
Stripe in Pine
Fireworks in Yellow
Holly in Red
Christmas Plaid in Green Red
Deer in Pink
Holiday Pine Divine
Candy Cane Stripe
Candy Cane Stripe
Woven Crosses
Tweed Thicket
Cross and Stitch in Candy
Scallop Dot
Essex Yarn Dyed
Ribbon in Garland
Scallop Dot
Presents in Green
Stitch and Repeat
Candy Stripe
Tiger Fly Mother 24" PANEL
Kona Cotton

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