Stash Fabrics

Design Wall
Crosshatch in White
Crosshatch in Cadet
Sprinkle in Pickup Truck
Skies Star in Gold Metallic
Tied in Knots in Blue
Shop Receipts in Graphite
Mammoth Flannel in Americana II
Hearts in Baltic
Polka Dot in Indigo
Scallop Dot in Denim
Sailor's ABC in Flame
Posy in Indigo
XOXO in Velvet Ribbon
Skies Star in White
Sea Urchin in Marine
Plink Plink in Natural
Hearts in Ghost
Hearts in Crimson
Mammoth Flannel in Red
Hearts in Raven
Net in White
Dottie in Bandana
Dumb Dot in Red
Lady Bug in Lava
Picnic Blanket in Red
Scruffy Daisy in Lipstick
Overgrown in Sapphire
XOXO in Rashida Cobalt
Dalmatian in Ocean
Dusk in Indigo
Grid in Blue
Libs Stitches in Surf
Prints in Lapis
Prints in Tomato
X's in Ice
Scrumptious Stripe in Navy
Sprinkle in Peacock
Anecdote in Gray
Asterisk in Cardamon
Barnwood in Maiden White
Cards in White Metallic
Circles in Iron
Constellation in Blue Metallic
Mammoth Flannel in Americana
Mammoth Flannel in Americana Checkered
Hexagon Shimmer in Pewter
Blossom Drift in Floralia
Floral Floats in Fresh
Wild Posy in Flora
Petal Picking in Dense
Ragged Daisies Cotton Denim
Moon Flowers in Twinkle
Wild Posy in Ethereal
Verbena in Smoke
Flower Shower in Subtle
Garden in Blue
Fruit & Veg in Sedona

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