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Wow! Has it been a year already? It’s hard to believe that we are already back here voting to find out the person whose face will claim the missing spot among our other talented Design Stars below.

Design Star 2017

In the final round, we asked Kris, Andrea, and Karen to curate *the* bundle that they want subscribers to receive in the 12th and final month of the club. In fact the winning bundle will be the final bundle, shipping in May. Scroll to the bottom and cast your vote for the bundle you would like to see come to life. Voting is open through February 22nd.

Kris @karnz 

“Though not the original intent, this bundle ended up representing the colors of my house: the golds and teals of my living room, the limey-green of the guest room, the gray of the wood floors throughout my home and even some of the pink from my daughter’s room. I started with an inspiration fabric that DID NOT make it into the final selection, and the dinosaur print was added late in the process… and I love the way it pulls it all together! There are so many other pints in this grouping that I love — from some “classic” Tula, Cotton + Steel (who says you can’t use a holiday print in a non-holiday quilt?), and Handcrafted, to some brand new Libs Eliot (those skulls!). Also can’t go wrong adding in some Grunge — there’s a shade that’ll fit with nearly any project.

I do love to mix prints from various designers and collections, and tend to take an “anything goes” attitude — whatever strikes my fancy at the moment is “right” enough for me. I hope you like it!”


Andrea @3rdstoryworkshop

“All the things I love about fabric are tied up in this final bundle. The mix includes some of my favourite designers, including Carolyn Friedlander, Rebecca Bryan, Erin Dollar, Rifle Paper Co, Vanessa Christenson, and Karen Lewis. To let the stellar prints shine, I’ve included solids and ombres to act as a “background”. I wanted to add some texture by using linen/cotton blends for a quarter of the fabrics. Contrast is created with the dark ground of some of the prints against the paler coloured fabrics. And some gold metallic shimmer gives the whole bundle a little extra something!”


Karen @quiltynursekaren

“My final bundle is inspired by the bright vibrant colors of spring.  I have always had a love for the color yellow and just how cheerful it is.  I love the look of mixing small scale prints and large scale prints, of mixing florals with geometrics, and of adding a bit of sparkle with metallics.  This round was quite difficult because there are so many gorgeous new fabrics to pick from!  Hopefully my bundle will bring a bit of cheer and sunshine to the competition.”


Thank you to everyone for your participation in this contest. We couldn’t do it without you! If you are interested in seeing past bundles that have come from the club and contest, you can check them out here.

Congratulations to our 2017 Design Star Winner, Andrea!


Stash Fabrics Design Star: Round 4

Our absolute favorite prompt from the first year of Design Star was Wanderlust. This was where we asked the finalists to design a bundle that incites the desire to travel.  Well hold on to your hats because we’re taking another trip with our 2017 finalists. They have each designed a bundle with a specific location in mind and they have each shared a bit about where we’re going and why. This round is particularly exciting for our finalists because each person that makes it through is a guaranteed prize winner. And you know they would all love to walk away with something for their efforts. This round you are voting for your *single most favorite* curated bundle from the six remaining finalists. Make sure to scroll down and vote!


“My bundle for the Wanderlust prompt was made with images of the Southwest in my mind. I spent a month in White River, Arizona for one of my medical school rotations. Whiteriver is nestled in the Fort Apache Indian Reservation. It was probably my favorite rotation of my medical school career. I loved the people, the vistas, the plant and animal life and just the FEEL of that part of the world. I used fabrics that captured this feel in my bundle. I loved pulling together the dusty blues, sunset peaches, sandy taupes, and Red Rock oranges that paint the Arizona landscape.”


“Whether it’s touring a temple honoring Ganesha (the elephant god) in India, exploring tribal life in Africa, celebrating Día de Muertos in Mexico, or learning the art of psaligraphy (paper cutting) in Norway, my travels dreams often focus on embracing the arts and culture of the land I’m visiting. Visiting churches/temples, museums of art or natural history, and of course, eating the cuisine of the region help me understand the history and culture. That said, working for a non-profit limits my budget for travel, so many of those trips aren’t really feasible… so camping among the birch trees or in a flowery meadow can be a very welcome escape! When I can’t visit a new country, immersing myself in nature and enjoying the beauty all around provides a relaxing break from an often too-busy life.”


“I had a friend recently visit the city of Petra in Jordan. A UNESCO Heritage Site, the ancient city’s architecture is entirely carved out of the sides of cliffs. When we think of architecture, we usually imagine building from the ground up in an additive manner, but this city was dug out of stone! What an amazing feat of human intelligence, artistry, and force. This wondrous place was the subject of one of my first university projects, so I also have fond memories of discovering and learning about it. Petra is also known as the “Rose City” because of the colour of the stone out of which it is carved. This fabric bundle is made of strong warm colours contrasted with more subdued and cooler colours to round it out, representing what might this site might be like to visit.”


“My “Wanderlust” calls me to tropical climates, always in pursuit of a breath-taking sunset where the teals of ocean waves meet up with the periwinkle, plum and coral of a gently-setting sun. My bundle captures the beauty of exotic flowers, dancing waters and the serenity found in nature. ”


“The theme this round was “wanderlust” and I couldn’t think of a better place to take you than to Japan. Japan holds a special place in my heart as I lived there many moons ago while teaching English. I adore the culture, the architecture, the landscape and the food, oh, the food! Whether you want to be surrounded by nature or live it up in the city, Japan has it all to offer! From the historical city of Kyoto with the countless shrines and temples to the mecca of technology to be found in Tokyo, there is something to please all travelers. Spend some time shopping the finest brands and then stop for some oishii (“yummy”) food! From sushi to ramen to okonomiyaki you’re sure to find a treat to satisfy your hunger. Rest your weary traveled feet with a nice cup of tea and take part in a traditional tea ceremony. Once you’ve visited the city, hop on the bullet train and let it whisk you to the natural wonders Japan has to offer. From mountainous terrain to tropical beaches, you won’t get bored of the scenery in Japan. Among the most famous of their natural wonders is the beautiful cherry blossom season. Plus, don’t miss out on the numerous festivals held throughout the year. Those are sure to please both young and older travellers. At the very least you’ll notice something kawaii (“cute”) during your stay!”


“For my “wanderlust” location I choose the North Shore of Minnesota on Lake Superior.  Every year my family and I rent a cabin on the shore of Lake Superior near Grand Marais.  This area is surrounded by the beauty of Lake Superior and its beaches, the forests, the cliffs and waterfalls, the plants and flowers, and all the wildlife (bears and moose included).  One of my family’s favorite pastimes is walking along the beaches, making rock stacks, and hunting for Lake Superior agates.  There are amazing hiking trails and beautiful lighthouses to see as well.  The best part though is at the end of the day, you can build a campfire on the rocky shore, roast marshmallows, and enjoy some of the most beautiful sunsets you will ever imagine.  Whether it’s summer or even winter, Lake Superior will always be one of the most beautiful places on earth to me.”

Congratulations to our finalists moving on to the final round of our Design Star Competition for their amazing wanderlust bundles! In the final round, they will curate their absolute best bundles and the grand prize winners bundle will be compiled and shipped to our club subscribers in May! Stay tuned for the vote so you can help decide who will be our next Stash Fabrics Design Star.

Stash Fabrics Design Star 2017: Round 3

Let us estimate that approximately half of the population are men. A select, amazing few are quilters, but judging by the demographic of our Instagram followers, it is a small percentage compared to the women who quilt (or sew…or just love fabric). But the men – the brothers, fathers, husbands, friends, sons – are loved and if they are lucky, they might just have a quilter in their lives that wants to make them all the quilts!

For our round 3 challenge, we asked our 9 remaining contestants to curate a bundle for the man in their life and to share a bit about their inspiration for the bundle. In reading their responses, I think this doubled as an exercise in gratitude, and I kind of love that, quilt or no quilt. I hope you do to!

And make sure to scroll to the end to cast your vote for your 2 favorite “man quilt” bundles…


“This bundle is dedicated to my brother, Larkin. If I were to drop everything and make a quilt for any man in my life it would be him. Our father passed away in January and it has been a really hard year for both of us. He certainly deserves a beautiful quilt! My brother has a great sense of style. I always think of his signature color as dark green. His wardrobe is built around colors like oatmeal, indigo, olive green, khaki, black and tan and textures like denim, flannel, cotton and wool.  I tried to channel his vibe when choosing the fabrics for my Round 3 bundle.”


“As a man myself, I know that there is no bundle that could be create that would appeal to all men. There are men who love florals; there are men who like bright colors; there are even men who like pink! That said, for my bundle, I focused on partner’s tastes. In reality, I think he would most prefer a quilt with only two fabrics: one blue and one gray, but I’ve never been able to bring myself to make one, since I love combining fabrics and making quilts that are at least somewhat “scrappy.” I think he would like this bundle, though he’d probably question WHY I put the greens in there…”


“My husband is not one to have strong likes or dislikes, but one thing that he is very passionate about is… Hamilton, An American Musical. He knows all of the words — all 20,520 of them. He has a Hamilton quote for every situation. He has listened to it every second he is in the car without the kids for the last two-and-a-half years (due to explicit lyrics!). This bundle is inspired by the themes, songs and characters of the story, interpreted in a colour palette that would suit our home. Some of the elements include: writing with a quill and ink, New York City, The Schuyler Sisters, battles, guns and ships, and It’s Quiet Uptown. I would make a quilt for him with these fabrics in a heartbeat.”


“For the challenge of designing a bundle for a man quilt, I was inspired by night skies, dark libraries, old books, faded leather chairs, and warm glowing fires.

If I were to drop everything and make a quilt for someone, it would be for my husband. He works so hard to provide for our family, while not asking for much in return. And most of my sewing projects are for our two daughters or for our home, but almost never for my husband. He definitely deserves a quilt of his own.”


“I have always been inspired by my big brother Ben, so I thought I’d curate a fabric bundle with him as my inspiration. I used the Heather Bailey’s Octopus Garden print as a jumping off point, because it’s reminiscent of his first tattoo. Ben was my first friend and is still one of the best ones I have. We’ve shared trips, long walks, deep conversations, meals and made countless memories together. He has always had an interest in cultivating knowledge and a strong sense of fashion. (Hence the intentional hints of floral and pink – that man can rock a floral baseball cap)! He marches to the beat of his own drum, and so does this collection. I’m not sure how obvious the theme will be to everyone, but it reminds me of my older brother, and I can’t think of anything better than when fabric pulls nostalgia to the surface.”


“My husband, Joe, is the rock of our family & in creating bundle for him, I sought out fabrics that would have special meaning to him. He has a busy day job but when he has any free time, he can be found on our farm, connecting with nature and the animals he loves. The Black Forest print perfectly set the tone for the bundle .  .  . outdoor themes captured in a taupe-y earth shade and a denim blue. Birds on a Wire captures the barn swallows that perch high up on electric lines. Merry Hive celebrates the bees we raise.  Cicada Song echoes the sound of a summer night and Allotments reminds me of perfectly plowed fields. My “Man” bundle will appeal to him while being fabrics I will enjoy using.”


“The theme this round was Man Quilt and I was drawn to the idea of creating a quilt for my best friend to celebrate our friendship and show my appreciation for his unwavering support. He’s an urban professional working in the fashion industry, so I curated a bundle based on his classic modern style with a focus on texture and subtle prints.  Caramel, gray and navy are such classic combinations that are always fresh and current. Think of it as the man’s uniform in quilt form.”


“For Round 3 of the Design Star challenge, our assignment was to design a bundle for a ‘man quilt’. We were asked if we dropped everything right now and made a quilt for a man in our life, who would it be and why? I have made quilts for several wonderful men and boys in my life, and all those quilts were as varied and unique as the men I made them for. But I have noticed that many of those quilts have blue and/or green tones in them. I think it might be a Northwest thing. Trees, moss, water, sky… blue and green are everywhere I look, and I can’t help but be influenced by it.

I am currently finishing up two ‘man quilts’ for special guys in my life: one for my youngest son and one for my husband, and this bundle is a good blend of the styles of those two quilts. My husband’s quilt has lots of slate blue, navy and gray. My son’s quilt is brighter, with lots of blue, teal, and green. So I wanted something that was fun and colorful, but with a mellow side. This combination of vivid color and grayed-out beige was exactly what I was looking for. It reminds me of that peaceful moment on a hike when you’ve reached your goal and it’s time to turn back, but for a few moments you just sit and enjoy the view.  Those quiet bits of time in the midst of an adventure have been some of the best moments I’ve spent with the men I love most. “


“I would make this quilt for my husband.  He grew up here in the northwoods of Wisconsin and spending time outdoors hunting and fishing has been a large part of his life.  I chose fabrics that remind me of the greens of the pines, the browns of tree bark, the grays of wood smoke, the blues of the lakes, and the vibrant colors and patterns of warm flannel shirts.  Everything about this bundle reminds me of him.”

Congratulations to our finalists moving on to the next round! And a huge thank you to those that didn’t make it through for playing along with us!

Stash Fabrics Design Star 2017: Round 2

Welcome to round 2 of our 2017 Design Star challenge! In case you missed it on Instagram, the 12 finalists have been selected from the best of the round one submissions and they have already completed their first challenge. More on that in a second, but first, let’s take a minute to meet the faces of our finalists. I invite you to check them out and become acquainted with their work because we’ve got a talented bunch this year.

Since it’s been a while or you may not be familiar with this contest, you might want to take a look back to see what’s in store for our finalists, but to make a long story short, we are moving into the “prompt” rounds. For rounds 2-4, we will present the finalists with a prompt for them to design a bundle around. We will be exploring their inspiration when we present their bundles to help you get in their heads and pick your favorites.

Here is the prompt for round 2:
“DECADES! Choose a decade that suits you and curate a bundle for that decade. Provide pictures of your inspiration and/or an explanation of why you selected the decade you did.”

And without further ado, come with us on a journey through time! Don’t forget to vote for your top three bundles below.


“For my DECADES bundle, I built the bundle around the 1920s but bridged it into the 1930s — just as the Art Deco movement spanned both decades. The glitz and glamour of the 1920s drew me in – the Jazz Age, The Great Gatsby, geometric forms, metallics. This is represented through the bold blues and golds that I chose. What inspired the silvery hues was the way that Art Deco moved into the Depression— it became more subdued, and new materials such as chrome and stainless steel inspired much the design in that era. I wanted this bundle to really reflect my own design aesthetic: A limited colour palette with neutrals to balance out the saturated hues.”


“Well, I hope you will be able to guess the decade just from looking at this bundle. I chose the 80s for a couple of reasons – for one, because that’s when I was born, so it kind of brings back childhood memories (including some truly awful fashion choices, which I’m sure all of you other 80s kids remember as well 😀 ). Also, I love bold geometric prints and strong colors, especially neons, and the 80s are just perfect for that. And, finally, I think we can all agree that the 80s have now been sufficiently long ago to return to being cool again! 🙂 One of the fabrics in my bundle is called “80s party” – so obviously I just HAD to include this one. I hope you all enjoy my bundle – it’s the first time I’ve been taking part in this type of contest, I’m absolutely loving it and can’t wait to see everyone else’s ideas!”


“I chose the 70s for the decades challenge! There is something so comforting about the living room decor of the 70s. That pea green and mustard dream is not all bad! I am drawn in by the big floral prints and fun textures of that era. I based my selection on the Gertrude Made barkcloth print which is so beautiful. I added in the dusty rose color to simultaneously give it a more modern feel and push myself out of my color comfort zone. The colors and textures of this bunch call back to decor of the 70s in a fresh way.”



“Go-go boots, mini skirts, Twiggy, and teased hair! This fabric bundle is inspired by the awesome Mod fashions of the 60’s. Bright colors and geometric designs in clothing reflected the fun attitude of the decade where lime green, yellow, and orange took center stage!”


“I’ve always loved Art Deco design from the 1920’s, so when I learned that the challenge for this round was “decades,” I knew just which decade I would use. After being inspired by photos of Art Deco wallpapers, I decided on a color scheme of black, golden yellow and pale peach. I think it embodies the feel of the glamorous and decadent roaring twenties. ”


“I have always loved the color palettes of the 1950’s. We had this amazing diner called the 59’er diner by our house that unfortunately burned down last year. It was filled with retro treasures and had such a fun pink, blue, and red color scheme, complete with a bright yellow “banana pancakes” sign. I thought it would be fun to recreate a bundle based on some of the colors I remembered while enjoying milkshakes at the 59’er diner.”


“I chose the 70’s as my decade since I was born in 1971. Memories of the Brady Bunch kitchen, and all the fashions and products of the era evoke memories of harvest gold, avocado green, sunny yellow and chocolate brown — those were the colors of the decade in my mind.”


“I chose the 1920s for my decade and I had so much fun researching the fashions and fabrics of the time. I love the elaborate beadwork and embroidery, geometric deco patterns, and metallic earth tones of this time period.”


“I actually used two images for inspiration. First, I found this partial cover of the Better Homes and Gardens magazine from September 1958. The second is by Dante Terzigni, and illustrator/designer from Cleveland, OH. I fell in love with these birds which have a Charlie Harper feel and the iconic Mid-Century Modern colors. I vividly remember the Mid-Century Modern style sofa with grayish brown tweed in our home when I was very small. It had wide arms and I would stand on the end and greet my dad as he come home from work. The September 1958 cover of Better Homes and Gardens and this bird illustration by Dante Terzigni capture the colors so familiar the Mid-Century Modern era.”


“I call my bundle “Modern Art-Deco”. My bundle is inspired by the 1930s decade. I love all the vintage 1930s muted colors of mustard, gray, and teal with small pops of feminine colors like lavender and peach. I am especially inspired by the gorgeous vintage travel posters and botanical prints of that era. I love clean lines and geometric shapes but I also love the balance of the feminine birds, floral, and butterfly prints. One of my favorite vintage travel posters is this one from Scotland. I used it’s colors as my inspiration and gave my fabric selection a bit of a modern twist.”


“The theme was DECADES and I was inspired by the 60s, specifically Twiggy! She wore lots of bold colorful florals, graphic geometric prints and lots of saturated solids. I was immediately drawn to the Florascape in Marigold and pulled inspiration from that Leah Duncan print to build the rest of my colorway. I hope you love the vibrancy as much as I do!”


“When I saw the theme for Round 1 was “DECADES”, I immediately knew the Eighties would be my inspiration.

Who can forget hair bands and heavy metal (Femme Metal), too much sunbathing with baby oil (Aloe Vera), popping collars on carefully layered pink and Kelly green polo shirts Spirographs (Sketch and Sashiko Florette) and hours spent trying to create Braids, the Eighties will always influence and inspire me. These fabrics perfectly capture the colors and the mood of my favorite years.”

Ok now cast your vote for the top 3 decades bundles. You have until Nov 19th to vote!

Congratulations to our finalists moving on to the next round! And a huge thank you to those that didn’t make it through for playing along with us!

Art Gallery Remix Club with Mathew of MisterDomestic

Did you hear about our first ever Design Star? Well his name is Mathew Boudreaux and he’s kind of a big deal. You can find him on Instagram and you might recognize him as the Art Gallery Fabrics Sewcialite and fabric weaving extraordinaire.

Mathew's Design Star Bundles

Throughout the Design Star competition, he curated some of the most amazing AGF-only bundles and went all the way to win the competition and over 50 yards of fabric including the bundle he curated for the final month of the club as the winner! He chronicled his journey in a recent blog post.

Mathew's Bundle

Well we just simply could not let Mathew get away. So we have revamped our popular Art Gallery Remix club so that Mathew could continue curating AGF-only bundles from the best that Art Gallery has to offer. Each month he will be selecting 16 of the most amazing fabrics from the AGF library and we will be shipping them straight to club subscribers! You won’t want to miss these one-of-a-kind bundles!

The first month will be shipping out mid-June 2017. Sign up before June 10th to ensure you receive the first month!

AGF Remix Club with Mathew


Stash Fabrics Design Star 2017 – Sign Up NOW!

A new year of our Design Star Club and Contest is here! It is with great excitement that we announce the new line-up of 11 talented makers that will be curating beautiful bundles for you throughout the year.

Design Star 2017

If you are new to our Design Star Club, we created this club last year to explore the art of creating beautiful, unique bundles from the best that modern fabric has to offer. The goal was two-fold. First, we wanted to bring you the most usable, must-have modern fabrics for your stash and second, we wanted to inspire creativity by taking some of the guess work out of selecting fabric for your next project. And I can honestly say I was so in love with of all the bundles and projects that resulted.  And we are looking forward to doing it again this year!

As a member of the club, you will receive a bundle of 16 coordinating fabrics – solids allowed, but not required this year – selected by each of our 11 fabulous design stars for 12 months. Here is the lineup…

June 2017 – Kate Basti
July 2017 – Nicolas Ball
August 2017 – Rita Hodge
September 2017 – Michelle Wilkie
October 2017 – Cheri Lehnow
November 2017 – Amy Smart
December 2017 – Svetlana Sotak
January 2018 – Rebecca Bryan
February 2018 – Latifah Saafir
March 2018 – Tiffany Marshall
April 2018 – Suzy Williams

Hmmm, 11 design stars, 12 months…but who will select the bundle for that final month?!?

Here’s the magic…IT COULD BE YOU!

Throughout the year we will be doing another competition to find our next Stash Fabrics Design Star to curate the final bundle of the club and win tons of fabric!


Round 1 (June 1, 2017 – July 31, 2017)
Initial entries accepted to the contest. To enter the contest, you will curate a custom bundle of fabric in our shop using our design wall feature and either share your design wall on Facebook and/or Pinterest or post a screenshot of your bundle on Instagram and tag #stashfabricsdesignstar. We will pick the top 12 entries to go onto the next round.

  • You do not have to have an account on our site to create a design wall, but we recommend that you create one to ensure that your design wall is saved between sessions.
  • When viewing a listing in our shop, you will see an option under the price to add that fabric to your design wall. You can access your design wall through a link in the top right corner of your screen.
  • Entry bundles should be 16 fabrics.
  • You do not have to be a member of the club to enter.
  • Multiple entries accepted per person.

Round 2-4 (September, October, November 2017)
Each month a new themed contest will begin. We will present the participants with a collage for which they are to develop a bundle from the fabrics in our shop around using the design wall. There will be a vote each round and the bottom 3 people will drop off.

Final Round (January 2018)
Final 3 people will design their best, most kick ass bundle using the fabric from our shop. A vote will determine the grand prize winner to be announced in February 2017.

So what’s in it for you? I mean aside from having your beautiful face added to our amazing graphic and major bragging rights. We thought free fabric was appropriate….


Grand Prize
The winner will receive the title of Stash Fabrics Design Star and they will curate the 12th and final bundle in our club. They will also receive ALL 12 fat quarter bundles from the Design Star Club including their own! 192 fat quarters total!

Second Place
First runner up will receive their curated bundle from the grand prize round and a $50 gift certificate to our shop.

Third Place
Second runner up will receive their curated bundle from the grand prize round and a $25 gift certificate to our shop.

That’s over $600 in prizes!!!! And did I mention it could be you? We invite you to join the club today and start thinking about those bundles. It’s going to be fun, fun, fun!

Stash Fabrics Design Star: Final Round


This is it! This is for all the marbles!  We have whittled our way down to our final three bundle curating machines and one final vote will determine who will be your 2017 Stash Fabrics Design Star. For this round we asked Carmen, Jenn, and Mathew to curate the absolute best bundle they could dream up using their design wall and fabric from our shop. Originally, the winning bundle was going to be the 12th and final bundle in our Design Star club shipping in May, however, since May is still a few months out, we decided to give the winner a chance to curate yet another bundle of their choice, possibly using newer fabric lines. You may have noticed that fabric moves at the speed of light so three months makes a big difference.

Without further ado, here are the final round bundles from their design walls. You can click on each bundle image below to see the “real-life” bundle and then don’t forget to come on back and cast your vote for who you think should be our 2017 Stash Fabrics Design Star! We included a little collage including their vintage, gender neutral and wanderlust bundles so you could see them all in one place! Voting is open through February 28th.

Carmen Siu 


“A few years ago, I was walking through Toronto’s garment district when I passed a couple on the sidewalk. It was a split-second encounter, but you could tell they were in disagreement about something. Gruffly, the man lectured the woman: “it’s just fabric. It’s just little threads woven together.” The woman was visibly frustrated. I don’t think I had started sewing at that point, but as I continued walking, his comment struck me as unnecessarily bitter.

Well, maybe not bitter he was technically correct. Quilting fabrics are cotton threads woven together and then printed with flowers or lines or dots (or vampires watching a movies) on them. But anybody who creates knows that the materials we use become more than the sum of their parts. To me, the fabric pull is all about play, expression, problem-solving and opening up to let inspiration find you.

I know it sounds completely cheesy, but the Design Star Competition really hit that home too. Every month, Beth challenged us with a new theme, and I’d dutifully open up my design wall and start loading it up. Before I would submit my entries, I always worried that one of the other competitors had come up with the same thing. After all, my fabric picks had come to me so naturally maybe they were just super obvious and everyone else had also thought to pull the same designs. It’d be like showing up to a party in the same outfit!

Thankfully, that never happened every bundle was unique and thoughtfully curated by participants who really rose to each of Beth’s challenges with their own sensibility. It’s been so much fun participating in this competition, and it feels bittersweet that this is the last round. I picked my absolute faves from Stash Fabrics, but I hope people find the bundle versatile enough to make it their own:) Here’s to “little threads woven together”!”



Jenn Rossotti


“The question of what inspires me is a tough one for me to answer.  I think the most honest answer I can give is “I don’t always know”.  Sometimes I see something, a motif or a color palette, and there’s just this feeling I get.  Its a very knowing feeling that will pull me in a certain direction like gravitational energy.  This feeling is distinctive, and unmistakable.  I try not to define it by saying it is or isn’t some certain aspect of what ever it is I’m looking at.  I just let the feeling it linger and see where it takes me.

I think the aspect of creating with fabric that I find the most rewarding and inspiring is the process itself.  I feel most at home, most zoned in and most powerful in my craft when I’m up to my eyeballs in a really difficult design.  I feel most alive in that place where I’m looking at something that seems impossible to create and I have to struggle through all the mistakes and the do-overs.  That’s my sweet spot.  I love the tedium.  I revel in minutiae and I enjoy every step of the routine along the way.

This Design Star experience has been so rewarding.  Every prompt we were given presented it’s own challenges and helped me to grow creatively.  Each opportunity to make a bundle was the chance to tell another story about who we were and what matters to us.  I would say with out a doubt this process has sharpened my eye for pulling fabric for the sake of storytelling.  In the past I’d often put things together simply because they “matched” or the colors were right.  Being part of this competition helped me see how a story can add a rich layer of meaning to the fabrics we choose to spend our time with.  I truly feel indebted to Stash and all the voters for helping me recognize what an invaluable tool that is.”

-Jenn (final bundle entitled Woodland Wedding)


Mathew Boudreaux


“Life. This is what inspires me. Life is amazing. And I try to live mine as fully as possible. And I thought that I had that down pat and then Helena was born and she showed me a whole new way to look at the world. And now I am constantly flooded with enough inspiration in one day to fill a year and my biggest challenge is trying to settle on which idea to actually start working on. To help me with the widdling down, I’m also really inspired by a challenge and learning something different. So a lot of times I choose projects so that I can learn a new skill or see if I can actually do something that I’m kinda intimidated by. Much like this Stash Fabrics Design Star challenge, I’ve intentionally tried to select bundles each round that were different than the previous which often took me outside of my comfort zone. And this bundle was no different, finding inspiration in the challenge of can I make these colors work? And boy oh boy am I stoked at the final result. I hope you enjoy it as well and thanks for coming along with me on my journey.”





Stash Fabrics Design Star: Round 4

We’re getting close! So very close! After this round we only have ONE more round until we determine our first ever Stash Fabrics Design Star. And this round is kind of exciting because each person that makes it through is a guaranteed prize winner. And you know they would all love to walk away with something for their efforts. This round you are voting for your *single most favorite* curated bundle from the six remaining finalists.


Our round 4 theme was WANDERLUST. I invited the finalists to design a bundle that incites the desire to travel. Where to was completely up to them, and you can see a bit about where they’re taking you beneath each bundle, and we have listed each in the shop (with a few substitutions) in limited quantities. Click on each bundle image below to see the “real-life” bundle. Enjoy your travels!

Carmen Siu

Thanks for choosing Mister and Mouse Airlines! This month’s special tour package, brought to you in collaboration with Stash Fabrics Travel, will be journeying to faraway Japan. We have prepared this special illustrated tour guide for you to follow along.

Carmen @misterandmouse

Japan is known as the Land of the Rising Sun — you can see this represented in its flag, which depicts a red circle on a white background. When we land, you won’t have to worry about not knowing the language, because public signs are extremely clear and easy to comprehend. Since we’ll be hungry, we’re going to stop off at a depaato (department store) food hall and pick up some perfectly shaped fruit to snack on. We’ll then line up at the Tsukiji Fish Market for their famous tuna auction and a sushi lunch. Up next: a cross-country train ride to view the Hiroshima Peace Memorial, where visitors leave behind paper cranes to commemorate the departed. We’ll admire the cherry blossoms, visit one of the country’s many “cat islands” (where cats outnumber people!), and then return to Tokyo to catch Pokemon until the stars come out. We hope you’ll join us for an unforgettable trip!

Jessica Schunke

Jessica @blueskycrafter

As I was sitting at my computer with a cold, wet rain falling down the window, all I could think was, “I need to be on a beach.” This soothing bundle was inspired by dreams of warm sand between my toes, a cool blue-green ocean in front of me, a soft wind on my cheek, and pops of bright bougainvilleas around the corner. Oh, and a tasty drink in my hand, too.

Megan Wenger

Megan @lifeofmegananne

Picture a land where the golden sun just dips below the the horizon on long summer days that never get completely dark at night. A land where the ground is a soft and spongy moss green that puts a spring in each step you take. Where deep, jagged peaks plunge into the bright teal Arctic waters and even when standing right there, gazing into the stunning beauty of it all you have a hard time believing it is real. This is Lofoten – a stunningly beautiful and unique landscape off the northern coast of Norway. We spent two weeks tooling along its winding roads and driving through long tunnels, hiking and backpacking, and getting soaked by the rain. My best memory from that trip came the day after we spent the night in a storm hoping the wind wouldn’t break our tent. We made it back to town (hike + ferry ride), dried out a bit, and then headed out again. This time, the sun was brightly shining and it dried our wet gear in moments. I found the perfect spot to jump from the rocks into the clear ocean. We had the beach to ourselves as the golden hour stretched on to infinity. Horseid Beach, Lofoten {photo} || Lofoten {trip stories, photos & video}

Nisha Bouri

Nisha @nishydoodle

For this round, I chose to travel to the Lost City of Atlantis.  The peaceful and thrilling aspect of the ocean can only be better when combining that with a little imagination.

Jenn Rossotti

Name: Aurora Borealis

Jenn @jennrossotti

Seeing the Northern Lights has always been a bucket list item for me.  I look forward to the day when I can stop imagining what they look like and actually see them in person.  When the word “wanderlust” comes to mind, I imagine a cold Northern sky under dancing green and purple lights. Until it happens, of course… then on to the next adventure.

Mathew Boudreaux

Mathew @misterdomestic

Back in 2010, my best friend (who lives in Texas) and I (who lived in California at the time) decided to take a vacation together, meeting somewhere in the middle. We toggled back and forth between a few different destinations, but finally landed on Sedona, Arizona. We both flew into Phoenix and then drove the two hours north to reach Sedona and, holy Toledo Batman, as we approached the city, both of our jaws dropped as we saw the reddish/orangish/goldenish hued stone structures jutting into the sky, almost as a gateway into the oasis that awaited us. And the sky was pure as pure can be in both its diurnal and nocturnal iterations. While there, I ate raw food, had the best massage I have ever had in my life, randomly saw Billy Corgan at an eatery, and hiked up this mountain that neither one of us had any business climbing to reach an energy vortex that was beyond. This was definitely one of those vacations where I left feeling so centered and grateful for having experienced something other-worldly. And this bundle captures both the emotional and aesthetic thrill ride into kumbayah that can only be experienced in Sedona, Arizona.

Congratulations to our design stars moving on to the final round – Carmen, Mathew, and Jenn! And a huge thank you to those that didn’t make it through for making it such a fun competition. It was a close race!


Stash Fabrics Design Star: Round 3

Can you see it? The perfect color palette that suits every person, woman or man, boy or girl. A collection of fabric where everyone stops to look and admire – that captures the hearts of even the most manly men and girly girls, that would make soon to be parents gladly opt out of the gender reveal before the birthday.


This was the round 3 challenge presented to our remaining design stars and I can’t wait to show you what they came up with. But first, let’s take a moment to introduce you to their faces. Presenting our 9 design star finalists…

Meet Your Design Star Finalists

Along with their bundles this round, I asked them if they were a new addition to the crayon box, what color would they be and why. You can find their answers below the bundles they curated below to get a bit of a feel for their personalities. You can also stalk them on IG which is always fun. Either way, don’t forget to scroll all the way to the bottom and cast your vote for your top 2 most favorite gender neutral bundles!
“Garnet (classy, sassy, and always on point)” – Nisha
“I would be orangesicle, a mix of tangerine and cream, because it makes me think of warm summer days, even in the coldest part of winter!” – Snow
“11 am fog – This is the pale, gray blue fog with a hint of sunny gold around the edges. It’s calm and simple, but with just a bit of surprise and sparkle hiding beneath the surface. 11 am fog likes to wake up slow and start the days quiet. It is full of quiet anticipation.” -Megan
“The color I would be is Baby Poop Green. All my life, I’ve always gravitated toward the outcast type, partially because I’ve always felt like one myself and partially because it always hurt my core when I saw people being picked on, both of which I’ve experienced all too often myself. And that’s how I feel about Baby Poop Green. It just hasn’t been given it’s fair shake, so I’d do everything I could to let people know how awesome I was and that I really do get along with everyone in the Crayon Box.” – Mathew
“I’d probably be Orange Peel. Orange evokes a taste and smell to me quicker and more strongly than any other colour…and I’m constantly thinking about food. I love citrus fruits, the band Pulp, and the fall season too. It’s bright, friendly and gender-neutral — orange you glad to have it around?;) (The pun just can’t be resisted!)” – Carmen
“My new crayon color would be called blooming amethyst. It would be a soft and familiar color with a bit of unexpected brightness. Blooming amethyst reflects my nurturing, responsible mom self and represents my love of juxtaposition, surprise and color.” – Ivy
“If I were a new addition to the crayon box, I’d be a cool slate blue-gray. I’m not ostentatious and often fly under the radar, but I like helping others and am the type to just put my head down and get to work. Blue-gray is a workhorse color that goes with just about anything and helps to really enliven other colors, making them pop and sing.” – Jessica
“I would probably be the crayon version of the “mystery markers” that change color- my color would change with my mood 🙂 but I would likely keep an almost constant green undertone. Mostly a lighter shade of green with a hint of blue, that would change to a darker tone when I’m angry or sad. I’d say this color because blue green can be a strong moody color or it can be nice and calming and refreshing with a sense of peace. (:” -Kim
“If I were a new crayon in the box my color would be called Prismatic Peach. It is a fabulous new coloring technology. An iridescent and shimmery hue of pale orange that changes color as you view it from different angles and in varying light.” -Jenn

There you have it! Their best gender neutral bundles on their design walls at Stash Fabrics! Which one is your favorite???

Stash Fabrics Design Star Round 2 RESULTS

Are you new to our Design Star competition? Read a bit more about it here and here.

The twelve finalists in our Design Star competition did not disappoint in round 2. All 12 vintage bundles were unique and well curated and the 1400+ votes reflected that fact. However, only the top 9 will be moving onto round 3 so without further ado and in no particular order…

Stay tuned for the announcement of our round 3 theme and check out the shop to see all of our design star bundles. You’ll see a couple of new additions from some of our top rated bundles from round 2 in very limited edition!