Stash Fabrics Design Star: Round 4

Our absolute favorite prompt from the first year of Design Star was Wanderlust. This was where we asked the finalists to design a bundle that incites the desire to travel.  Well hold on to your hats because we’re taking another trip with our 2017 finalists. They have each designed a bundle with a specific location in mind and they have each shared a bit about where we’re going and why. This round is particularly exciting for our finalists because each person that makes it through is a guaranteed prize winner. And you know they would all love to walk away with something for their efforts. This round you are voting for your *single most favorite* curated bundle from the six remaining finalists. Make sure to scroll down and vote!


“My bundle for the Wanderlust prompt was made with images of the Southwest in my mind. I spent a month in White River, Arizona for one of my medical school rotations. Whiteriver is nestled in the Fort Apache Indian Reservation. It was probably my favorite rotation of my medical school career. I loved the people, the vistas, the plant and animal life and just the FEEL of that part of the world. I used fabrics that captured this feel in my bundle. I loved pulling together the dusty blues, sunset peaches, sandy taupes, and Red Rock oranges that paint the Arizona landscape.”


“Whether it’s touring a temple honoring Ganesha (the elephant god) in India, exploring tribal life in Africa, celebrating Día de Muertos in Mexico, or learning the art of psaligraphy (paper cutting) in Norway, my travels dreams often focus on embracing the arts and culture of the land I’m visiting. Visiting churches/temples, museums of art or natural history, and of course, eating the cuisine of the region help me understand the history and culture. That said, working for a non-profit limits my budget for travel, so many of those trips aren’t really feasible… so camping among the birch trees or in a flowery meadow can be a very welcome escape! When I can’t visit a new country, immersing myself in nature and enjoying the beauty all around provides a relaxing break from an often too-busy life.”


“I had a friend recently visit the city of Petra in Jordan. A UNESCO Heritage Site, the ancient city’s architecture is entirely carved out of the sides of cliffs. When we think of architecture, we usually imagine building from the ground up in an additive manner, but this city was dug out of stone! What an amazing feat of human intelligence, artistry, and force. This wondrous place was the subject of one of my first university projects, so I also have fond memories of discovering and learning about it. Petra is also known as the “Rose City” because of the colour of the stone out of which it is carved. This fabric bundle is made of strong warm colours contrasted with more subdued and cooler colours to round it out, representing what might this site might be like to visit.”


“My “Wanderlust” calls me to tropical climates, always in pursuit of a breath-taking sunset where the teals of ocean waves meet up with the periwinkle, plum and coral of a gently-setting sun. My bundle captures the beauty of exotic flowers, dancing waters and the serenity found in nature. ”


“The theme this round was “wanderlust” and I couldn’t think of a better place to take you than to Japan. Japan holds a special place in my heart as I lived there many moons ago while teaching English. I adore the culture, the architecture, the landscape and the food, oh, the food! Whether you want to be surrounded by nature or live it up in the city, Japan has it all to offer! From the historical city of Kyoto with the countless shrines and temples to the mecca of technology to be found in Tokyo, there is something to please all travelers. Spend some time shopping the finest brands and then stop for some oishii (“yummy”) food! From sushi to ramen to okonomiyaki you’re sure to find a treat to satisfy your hunger. Rest your weary traveled feet with a nice cup of tea and take part in a traditional tea ceremony. Once you’ve visited the city, hop on the bullet train and let it whisk you to the natural wonders Japan has to offer. From mountainous terrain to tropical beaches, you won’t get bored of the scenery in Japan. Among the most famous of their natural wonders is the beautiful cherry blossom season. Plus, don’t miss out on the numerous festivals held throughout the year. Those are sure to please both young and older travellers. At the very least you’ll notice something kawaii (“cute”) during your stay!”


“For my “wanderlust” location I choose the North Shore of Minnesota on Lake Superior.  Every year my family and I rent a cabin on the shore of Lake Superior near Grand Marais.  This area is surrounded by the beauty of Lake Superior and its beaches, the forests, the cliffs and waterfalls, the plants and flowers, and all the wildlife (bears and moose included).  One of my family’s favorite pastimes is walking along the beaches, making rock stacks, and hunting for Lake Superior agates.  There are amazing hiking trails and beautiful lighthouses to see as well.  The best part though is at the end of the day, you can build a campfire on the rocky shore, roast marshmallows, and enjoy some of the most beautiful sunsets you will ever imagine.  Whether it’s summer or even winter, Lake Superior will always be one of the most beautiful places on earth to me.”

Congratulations to our finalists moving on to the final round of our Design Star Competition for their amazing wanderlust bundles! In the final round, they will curate their absolute best bundles and the grand prize winners bundle will be compiled and shipped to our club subscribers in May! Stay tuned for the vote so you can help decide who will be our next Stash Fabrics Design Star.

32 thoughts on “Stash Fabrics Design Star: Round 4

  1. In ordinary circumstances I would just pick by color however the fabric print on my selection was primary and color secondary.

  2. I love Shannons work, and her fabric selections are always amazing. Love this pick I can just see it in one of her gorgeous quilts.

  3. I live in Wisconsin and visit the North Shore every summer and her bundle brings back memories of walks along the shoreline.

  4. This was a hard one. They are all such thoughtful bundle couplings! I voted for Shannon because I was drawn to her colorway and the combination of fabric choices in the end.

  5. I would love to visit Japan. There’s a program on YouTube called Japanology which I have watched every episode of (there are at least a hundred). My boyfriend has been to Japan and is eager to bring me there, someday. Your Wanderlust selection is bang on, Shannon!

  6. Love the colours Andrea! I’m a little biased because yellow is one of my favourite colours ahah but the peaches/pinks with grey really balance well!

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