Stash Fabrics Design Star 2017: Round 3

Let us estimate that approximately half of the population are men. A select, amazing few are quilters, but judging by the demographic of our Instagram followers, it is a small percentage compared to the women who quilt (or sew…or just love fabric). But the men – the brothers, fathers, husbands, friends, sons – are loved and if they are lucky, they might just have a quilter in their lives that wants to make them all the quilts!

For our round 3 challenge, we asked our 9 remaining contestants to curate a bundle for the man in their life and to share a bit about their inspiration for the bundle. In reading their responses, I think this doubled as an exercise in gratitude, and I kind of love that, quilt or no quilt. I hope you do to!

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“This bundle is dedicated to my brother, Larkin. If I were to drop everything and make a quilt for any man in my life it would be him. Our father passed away in January and it has been a really hard year for both of us. He certainly deserves a beautiful quilt! My brother has a great sense of style. I always think of his signature color as dark green. His wardrobe is built around colors like oatmeal, indigo, olive green, khaki, black and tan and textures like denim, flannel, cotton and wool.  I tried to channel his vibe when choosing the fabrics for my Round 3 bundle.”


“As a man myself, I know that there is no bundle that could be create that would appeal to all men. There are men who love florals; there are men who like bright colors; there are even men who like pink! That said, for my bundle, I focused on partner’s tastes. In reality, I think he would most prefer a quilt with only two fabrics: one blue and one gray, but I’ve never been able to bring myself to make one, since I love combining fabrics and making quilts that are at least somewhat “scrappy.” I think he would like this bundle, though he’d probably question WHY I put the greens in there…”


“My husband is not one to have strong likes or dislikes, but one thing that he is very passionate about is… Hamilton, An American Musical. He knows all of the words — all 20,520 of them. He has a Hamilton quote for every situation. He has listened to it every second he is in the car without the kids for the last two-and-a-half years (due to explicit lyrics!). This bundle is inspired by the themes, songs and characters of the story, interpreted in a colour palette that would suit our home. Some of the elements include: writing with a quill and ink, New York City, The Schuyler Sisters, battles, guns and ships, and It’s Quiet Uptown. I would make a quilt for him with these fabrics in a heartbeat.”


“For the challenge of designing a bundle for a man quilt, I was inspired by night skies, dark libraries, old books, faded leather chairs, and warm glowing fires.

If I were to drop everything and make a quilt for someone, it would be for my husband. He works so hard to provide for our family, while not asking for much in return. And most of my sewing projects are for our two daughters or for our home, but almost never for my husband. He definitely deserves a quilt of his own.”


“I have always been inspired by my big brother Ben, so I thought I’d curate a fabric bundle with him as my inspiration. I used the Heather Bailey’s Octopus Garden print as a jumping off point, because it’s reminiscent of his first tattoo. Ben was my first friend and is still one of the best ones I have. We’ve shared trips, long walks, deep conversations, meals and made countless memories together. He has always had an interest in cultivating knowledge and a strong sense of fashion. (Hence the intentional hints of floral and pink – that man can rock a floral baseball cap)! He marches to the beat of his own drum, and so does this collection. I’m not sure how obvious the theme will be to everyone, but it reminds me of my older brother, and I can’t think of anything better than when fabric pulls nostalgia to the surface.”


“My husband, Joe, is the rock of our family & in creating bundle for him, I sought out fabrics that would have special meaning to him. He has a busy day job but when he has any free time, he can be found on our farm, connecting with nature and the animals he loves. The Black Forest print perfectly set the tone for the bundle .  .  . outdoor themes captured in a taupe-y earth shade and a denim blue. Birds on a Wire captures the barn swallows that perch high up on electric lines. Merry Hive celebrates the bees we raise.  Cicada Song echoes the sound of a summer night and Allotments reminds me of perfectly plowed fields. My “Man” bundle will appeal to him while being fabrics I will enjoy using.”


“The theme this round was Man Quilt and I was drawn to the idea of creating a quilt for my best friend to celebrate our friendship and show my appreciation for his unwavering support. He’s an urban professional working in the fashion industry, so I curated a bundle based on his classic modern style with a focus on texture and subtle prints.  Caramel, gray and navy are such classic combinations that are always fresh and current. Think of it as the man’s uniform in quilt form.”


“For Round 3 of the Design Star challenge, our assignment was to design a bundle for a ‘man quilt’. We were asked if we dropped everything right now and made a quilt for a man in our life, who would it be and why? I have made quilts for several wonderful men and boys in my life, and all those quilts were as varied and unique as the men I made them for. But I have noticed that many of those quilts have blue and/or green tones in them. I think it might be a Northwest thing. Trees, moss, water, sky… blue and green are everywhere I look, and I can’t help but be influenced by it.

I am currently finishing up two ‘man quilts’ for special guys in my life: one for my youngest son and one for my husband, and this bundle is a good blend of the styles of those two quilts. My husband’s quilt has lots of slate blue, navy and gray. My son’s quilt is brighter, with lots of blue, teal, and green. So I wanted something that was fun and colorful, but with a mellow side. This combination of vivid color and grayed-out beige was exactly what I was looking for. It reminds me of that peaceful moment on a hike when you’ve reached your goal and it’s time to turn back, but for a few moments you just sit and enjoy the view.  Those quiet bits of time in the midst of an adventure have been some of the best moments I’ve spent with the men I love most. “


“I would make this quilt for my husband.  He grew up here in the northwoods of Wisconsin and spending time outdoors hunting and fishing has been a large part of his life.  I chose fabrics that remind me of the greens of the pines, the browns of tree bark, the grays of wood smoke, the blues of the lakes, and the vibrant colors and patterns of warm flannel shirts.  Everything about this bundle reminds me of him.”

Congratulations to our finalists moving on to the next round! And a huge thank you to those that didn’t make it through for playing along with us!

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  1. Love to read the stories and i took a few minutes to scroll through all the displays. It was not hard to choose. Lovely activity on itself!

  2. The red and black check fabric is so “in” this year in Canada. What man’s quilt would be complete without it?

  3. I agree with the gal who said that it was fun to read the stories, and I was impressed how their choices were so intentional. That was rather fun! Now where can we get the name and purchase some of those lovely fabrics?

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