Stash Fabrics Design Star 2017: Round 2

Welcome to round 2 of our 2017 Design Star challenge! In case you missed it on Instagram, the 12 finalists have been selected from the best of the round one submissions and they have already completed their first challenge. More on that in a second, but first, let’s take a minute to meet the faces of our finalists. I invite you to check them out and become acquainted with their work because we’ve got a talented bunch this year.

Since it’s been a while or you may not be familiar with this contest, you might want to take a look back to see what’s in store for our finalists, but to make a long story short, we are moving into the “prompt” rounds. For rounds 2-4, we will present the finalists with a prompt for them to design a bundle around. We will be exploring their inspiration when we present their bundles to help you get in their heads and pick your favorites.

Here is the prompt for round 2:
“DECADES! Choose a decade that suits you and curate a bundle for that decade. Provide pictures of your inspiration and/or an explanation of why you selected the decade you did.”

And without further ado, come with us on a journey through time! Don’t forget to vote for your top three bundles below.


“For my DECADES bundle, I built the bundle around the 1920s but bridged it into the 1930s — just as the Art Deco movement spanned both decades. The glitz and glamour of the 1920s drew me in – the Jazz Age, The Great Gatsby, geometric forms, metallics. This is represented through the bold blues and golds that I chose. What inspired the silvery hues was the way that Art Deco moved into the Depression— it became more subdued, and new materials such as chrome and stainless steel inspired much the design in that era. I wanted this bundle to really reflect my own design aesthetic: A limited colour palette with neutrals to balance out the saturated hues.”


“Well, I hope you will be able to guess the decade just from looking at this bundle. I chose the 80s for a couple of reasons – for one, because that’s when I was born, so it kind of brings back childhood memories (including some truly awful fashion choices, which I’m sure all of you other 80s kids remember as well 😀 ). Also, I love bold geometric prints and strong colors, especially neons, and the 80s are just perfect for that. And, finally, I think we can all agree that the 80s have now been sufficiently long ago to return to being cool again! 🙂 One of the fabrics in my bundle is called “80s party” – so obviously I just HAD to include this one. I hope you all enjoy my bundle – it’s the first time I’ve been taking part in this type of contest, I’m absolutely loving it and can’t wait to see everyone else’s ideas!”


“I chose the 70s for the decades challenge! There is something so comforting about the living room decor of the 70s. That pea green and mustard dream is not all bad! I am drawn in by the big floral prints and fun textures of that era. I based my selection on the Gertrude Made barkcloth print which is so beautiful. I added in the dusty rose color to simultaneously give it a more modern feel and push myself out of my color comfort zone. The colors and textures of this bunch call back to decor of the 70s in a fresh way.”



“Go-go boots, mini skirts, Twiggy, and teased hair! This fabric bundle is inspired by the awesome Mod fashions of the 60’s. Bright colors and geometric designs in clothing reflected the fun attitude of the decade where lime green, yellow, and orange took center stage!”


“I’ve always loved Art Deco design from the 1920’s, so when I learned that the challenge for this round was “decades,” I knew just which decade I would use. After being inspired by photos of Art Deco wallpapers, I decided on a color scheme of black, golden yellow and pale peach. I think it embodies the feel of the glamorous and decadent roaring twenties. ”


“I have always loved the color palettes of the 1950’s. We had this amazing diner called the 59’er diner by our house that unfortunately burned down last year. It was filled with retro treasures and had such a fun pink, blue, and red color scheme, complete with a bright yellow “banana pancakes” sign. I thought it would be fun to recreate a bundle based on some of the colors I remembered while enjoying milkshakes at the 59’er diner.”


“I chose the 70’s as my decade since I was born in 1971. Memories of the Brady Bunch kitchen, and all the fashions and products of the era evoke memories of harvest gold, avocado green, sunny yellow and chocolate brown — those were the colors of the decade in my mind.”


“I chose the 1920s for my decade and I had so much fun researching the fashions and fabrics of the time. I love the elaborate beadwork and embroidery, geometric deco patterns, and metallic earth tones of this time period.”


“I actually used two images for inspiration. First, I found this partial cover of the Better Homes and Gardens magazine from September 1958. The second is by Dante Terzigni, and illustrator/designer from Cleveland, OH. I fell in love with these birds which have a Charlie Harper feel and the iconic Mid-Century Modern colors. I vividly remember the Mid-Century Modern style sofa with grayish brown tweed in our home when I was very small. It had wide arms and I would stand on the end and greet my dad as he come home from work. The September 1958 cover of Better Homes and Gardens and this bird illustration by Dante Terzigni capture the colors so familiar the Mid-Century Modern era.”


“I call my bundle “Modern Art-Deco”. My bundle is inspired by the 1930s decade. I love all the vintage 1930s muted colors of mustard, gray, and teal with small pops of feminine colors like lavender and peach. I am especially inspired by the gorgeous vintage travel posters and botanical prints of that era. I love clean lines and geometric shapes but I also love the balance of the feminine birds, floral, and butterfly prints. One of my favorite vintage travel posters is this one from Scotland. I used it’s colors as my inspiration and gave my fabric selection a bit of a modern twist.”


“The theme was DECADES and I was inspired by the 60s, specifically Twiggy! She wore lots of bold colorful florals, graphic geometric prints and lots of saturated solids. I was immediately drawn to the Florascape in Marigold and pulled inspiration from that Leah Duncan print to build the rest of my colorway. I hope you love the vibrancy as much as I do!”


“When I saw the theme for Round 1 was “DECADES”, I immediately knew the Eighties would be my inspiration.

Who can forget hair bands and heavy metal (Femme Metal), too much sunbathing with baby oil (Aloe Vera), popping collars on carefully layered pink and Kelly green polo shirts Spirographs (Sketch and Sashiko Florette) and hours spent trying to create Braids, the Eighties will always influence and inspire me. These fabrics perfectly capture the colors and the mood of my favorite years.”

Ok now cast your vote for the top 3 decades bundles. You have until Nov 19th to vote!

Congratulations to our finalists moving on to the next round! And a huge thank you to those that didn’t make it through for playing along with us!

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  1. What a great idea for the bundles. I think it adds a bit more of a challenge to it. I already know which one I want to buy! Fun!

  2. Such fun and interesting perspectives. I liked them all but @leahsolescs knocked it out of the park for me. I would buy her bundle today!

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