Art Gallery Remix Club with Mathew of MisterDomestic

Did you hear about our first ever Design Star? Well his name is Mathew Boudreaux and he’s kind of a big deal. You can find him on Instagram and you might recognize him as the Art Gallery Fabrics Sewcialite and fabric weaving extraordinaire.

Mathew's Design Star Bundles

Throughout the Design Star competition, he curated some of the most amazing AGF-only bundles and went all the way to win the competition and over 50 yards of fabric including the bundle he curated for the final month of the club as the winner! He chronicled his journey in a recent blog post.

Mathew's Bundle

Well we just simply could not let Mathew get away. So we have revamped our popular Art Gallery Remix club so that Mathew could continue curating AGF-only bundles from the best that Art Gallery has to offer. Each month he will be selecting 16 of the most amazing fabrics from the AGF library and we will be shipping them straight to club subscribers! You won’t want to miss these one-of-a-kind bundles!

The first month will be shipping out mid-June 2017. Sign up before June 10th to ensure you receive the first month!

AGF Remix Club with Mathew


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