Stash Fabrics Design Star: Final Round


This is it! This is for all the marbles!  We have whittled our way down to our final three bundle curating machines and one final vote will determine who will be your 2017 Stash Fabrics Design Star. For this round we asked Carmen, Jenn, and Mathew to curate the absolute best bundle they could dream up using their design wall and fabric from our shop. Originally, the winning bundle was going to be the 12th and final bundle in our Design Star club shipping in May, however, since May is still a few months out, we decided to give the winner a chance to curate yet another bundle of their choice, possibly using newer fabric lines. You may have noticed that fabric moves at the speed of light so three months makes a big difference.

Without further ado, here are the final round bundles from their design walls. You can click on each bundle image below to see the “real-life” bundle and then don’t forget to come on back and cast your vote for who you think should be our 2017 Stash Fabrics Design Star! We included a little collage including their vintage, gender neutral and wanderlust bundles so you could see them all in one place! Voting is open through February 28th.

Carmen Siu 


“A few years ago, I was walking through Toronto’s garment district when I passed a couple on the sidewalk. It was a split-second encounter, but you could tell they were in disagreement about something. Gruffly, the man lectured the woman: “it’s just fabric. It’s just little threads woven together.” The woman was visibly frustrated. I don’t think I had started sewing at that point, but as I continued walking, his comment struck me as unnecessarily bitter.

Well, maybe not bitter he was technically correct. Quilting fabrics are cotton threads woven together and then printed with flowers or lines or dots (or vampires watching a movies) on them. But anybody who creates knows that the materials we use become more than the sum of their parts. To me, the fabric pull is all about play, expression, problem-solving and opening up to let inspiration find you.

I know it sounds completely cheesy, but the Design Star Competition really hit that home too. Every month, Beth challenged us with a new theme, and I’d dutifully open up my design wall and start loading it up. Before I would submit my entries, I always worried that one of the other competitors had come up with the same thing. After all, my fabric picks had come to me so naturally maybe they were just super obvious and everyone else had also thought to pull the same designs. It’d be like showing up to a party in the same outfit!

Thankfully, that never happened every bundle was unique and thoughtfully curated by participants who really rose to each of Beth’s challenges with their own sensibility. It’s been so much fun participating in this competition, and it feels bittersweet that this is the last round. I picked my absolute faves from Stash Fabrics, but I hope people find the bundle versatile enough to make it their own:) Here’s to “little threads woven together”!”



Jenn Rossotti


“The question of what inspires me is a tough one for me to answer.  I think the most honest answer I can give is “I don’t always know”.  Sometimes I see something, a motif or a color palette, and there’s just this feeling I get.  Its a very knowing feeling that will pull me in a certain direction like gravitational energy.  This feeling is distinctive, and unmistakable.  I try not to define it by saying it is or isn’t some certain aspect of what ever it is I’m looking at.  I just let the feeling it linger and see where it takes me.

I think the aspect of creating with fabric that I find the most rewarding and inspiring is the process itself.  I feel most at home, most zoned in and most powerful in my craft when I’m up to my eyeballs in a really difficult design.  I feel most alive in that place where I’m looking at something that seems impossible to create and I have to struggle through all the mistakes and the do-overs.  That’s my sweet spot.  I love the tedium.  I revel in minutiae and I enjoy every step of the routine along the way.

This Design Star experience has been so rewarding.  Every prompt we were given presented it’s own challenges and helped me to grow creatively.  Each opportunity to make a bundle was the chance to tell another story about who we were and what matters to us.  I would say with out a doubt this process has sharpened my eye for pulling fabric for the sake of storytelling.  In the past I’d often put things together simply because they “matched” or the colors were right.  Being part of this competition helped me see how a story can add a rich layer of meaning to the fabrics we choose to spend our time with.  I truly feel indebted to Stash and all the voters for helping me recognize what an invaluable tool that is.”

-Jenn (final bundle entitled Woodland Wedding)


Mathew Boudreaux


“Life. This is what inspires me. Life is amazing. And I try to live mine as fully as possible. And I thought that I had that down pat and then Helena was born and she showed me a whole new way to look at the world. And now I am constantly flooded with enough inspiration in one day to fill a year and my biggest challenge is trying to settle on which idea to actually start working on. To help me with the widdling down, I’m also really inspired by a challenge and learning something different. So a lot of times I choose projects so that I can learn a new skill or see if I can actually do something that I’m kinda intimidated by. Much like this Stash Fabrics Design Star challenge, I’ve intentionally tried to select bundles each round that were different than the previous which often took me outside of my comfort zone. And this bundle was no different, finding inspiration in the challenge of can I make these colors work? And boy oh boy am I stoked at the final result. I hope you enjoy it as well and thanks for coming along with me on my journey.”





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  1. i looked at all of them objectively and really like Mathew’s the best. i think it is the balance of warm and cool, and of scale.

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