Stash Fabrics Design Star: Round 4

We’re getting close! So very close! After this round we only have ONE more round until we determine our first ever Stash Fabrics Design Star. And this round is kind of exciting because each person that makes it through is a guaranteed prize winner. And you know they would all love to walk away with something for their efforts. This round you are voting for your *single most favorite* curated bundle from the six remaining finalists.


Our round 4 theme was WANDERLUST. I invited the finalists to design a bundle that incites the desire to travel. Where to was completely up to them, and you can see a bit about where they’re taking you beneath each bundle, and we have listed each in the shop (with a few substitutions) in limited quantities. Click on each bundle image below to see the “real-life” bundle. Enjoy your travels!

Carmen Siu

Thanks for choosing Mister and Mouse Airlines! This month’s special tour package, brought to you in collaboration with Stash Fabrics Travel, will be journeying to faraway Japan. We have prepared this special illustrated tour guide for you to follow along.

Carmen @misterandmouse

Japan is known as the Land of the Rising Sun — you can see this represented in its flag, which depicts a red circle on a white background. When we land, you won’t have to worry about not knowing the language, because public signs are extremely clear and easy to comprehend. Since we’ll be hungry, we’re going to stop off at a depaato (department store) food hall and pick up some perfectly shaped fruit to snack on. We’ll then line up at the Tsukiji Fish Market for their famous tuna auction and a sushi lunch. Up next: a cross-country train ride to view the Hiroshima Peace Memorial, where visitors leave behind paper cranes to commemorate the departed. We’ll admire the cherry blossoms, visit one of the country’s many “cat islands” (where cats outnumber people!), and then return to Tokyo to catch Pokemon until the stars come out. We hope you’ll join us for an unforgettable trip!

Jessica Schunke

Jessica @blueskycrafter

As I was sitting at my computer with a cold, wet rain falling down the window, all I could think was, “I need to be on a beach.” This soothing bundle was inspired by dreams of warm sand between my toes, a cool blue-green ocean in front of me, a soft wind on my cheek, and pops of bright bougainvilleas around the corner. Oh, and a tasty drink in my hand, too.

Megan Wenger

Megan @lifeofmegananne

Picture a land where the golden sun just dips below the the horizon on long summer days that never get completely dark at night. A land where the ground is a soft and spongy moss green that puts a spring in each step you take. Where deep, jagged peaks plunge into the bright teal Arctic waters and even when standing right there, gazing into the stunning beauty of it all you have a hard time believing it is real. This is Lofoten – a stunningly beautiful and unique landscape off the northern coast of Norway. We spent two weeks tooling along its winding roads and driving through long tunnels, hiking and backpacking, and getting soaked by the rain. My best memory from that trip came the day after we spent the night in a storm hoping the wind wouldn’t break our tent. We made it back to town (hike + ferry ride), dried out a bit, and then headed out again. This time, the sun was brightly shining and it dried our wet gear in moments. I found the perfect spot to jump from the rocks into the clear ocean. We had the beach to ourselves as the golden hour stretched on to infinity. Horseid Beach, Lofoten {photo} || Lofoten {trip stories, photos & video}

Nisha Bouri

Nisha @nishydoodle

For this round, I chose to travel to the Lost City of Atlantis.  The peaceful and thrilling aspect of the ocean can only be better when combining that with a little imagination.

Jenn Rossotti

Name: Aurora Borealis

Jenn @jennrossotti

Seeing the Northern Lights has always been a bucket list item for me.  I look forward to the day when I can stop imagining what they look like and actually see them in person.  When the word “wanderlust” comes to mind, I imagine a cold Northern sky under dancing green and purple lights. Until it happens, of course… then on to the next adventure.

Mathew Boudreaux

Mathew @misterdomestic

Back in 2010, my best friend (who lives in Texas) and I (who lived in California at the time) decided to take a vacation together, meeting somewhere in the middle. We toggled back and forth between a few different destinations, but finally landed on Sedona, Arizona. We both flew into Phoenix and then drove the two hours north to reach Sedona and, holy Toledo Batman, as we approached the city, both of our jaws dropped as we saw the reddish/orangish/goldenish hued stone structures jutting into the sky, almost as a gateway into the oasis that awaited us. And the sky was pure as pure can be in both its diurnal and nocturnal iterations. While there, I ate raw food, had the best massage I have ever had in my life, randomly saw Billy Corgan at an eatery, and hiked up this mountain that neither one of us had any business climbing to reach an energy vortex that was beyond. This was definitely one of those vacations where I left feeling so centered and grateful for having experienced something other-worldly. And this bundle captures both the emotional and aesthetic thrill ride into kumbayah that can only be experienced in Sedona, Arizona.

Congratulations to our design stars moving on to the final round – Carmen, Mathew, and Jenn! And a huge thank you to those that didn’t make it through for making it such a fun competition. It was a close race!


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