Stash Fabrics Design Star: Round 3

Can you see it? The perfect color palette that suits every person, woman or man, boy or girl. A collection of fabric where everyone stops to look and admire – that captures the hearts of even the most manly men and girly girls, that would make soon to be parents gladly opt out of the gender reveal before the birthday.


This was the round 3 challenge presented to our remaining design stars and I can’t wait to show you what they came up with. But first, let’s take a moment to introduce you to their faces. Presenting our 9 design star finalists…

Meet Your Design Star Finalists

Along with their bundles this round, I asked them if they were a new addition to the crayon box, what color would they be and why. You can find their answers below the bundles they curated below to get a bit of a feel for their personalities. You can also stalk them on IG which is always fun. Either way, don’t forget to scroll all the way to the bottom and cast your vote for your top 2 most favorite gender neutral bundles!
“Garnet (classy, sassy, and always on point)” – Nisha
“I would be orangesicle, a mix of tangerine and cream, because it makes me think of warm summer days, even in the coldest part of winter!” – Snow
“11 am fog – This is the pale, gray blue fog with a hint of sunny gold around the edges. It’s calm and simple, but with just a bit of surprise and sparkle hiding beneath the surface. 11 am fog likes to wake up slow and start the days quiet. It is full of quiet anticipation.” -Megan
“The color I would be is Baby Poop Green. All my life, I’ve always gravitated toward the outcast type, partially because I’ve always felt like one myself and partially because it always hurt my core when I saw people being picked on, both of which I’ve experienced all too often myself. And that’s how I feel about Baby Poop Green. It just hasn’t been given it’s fair shake, so I’d do everything I could to let people know how awesome I was and that I really do get along with everyone in the Crayon Box.” – Mathew
“I’d probably be Orange Peel. Orange evokes a taste and smell to me quicker and more strongly than any other colour…and I’m constantly thinking about food. I love citrus fruits, the band Pulp, and the fall season too. It’s bright, friendly and gender-neutral — orange you glad to have it around?;) (The pun just can’t be resisted!)” – Carmen
“My new crayon color would be called blooming amethyst. It would be a soft and familiar color with a bit of unexpected brightness. Blooming amethyst reflects my nurturing, responsible mom self and represents my love of juxtaposition, surprise and color.” – Ivy
“If I were a new addition to the crayon box, I’d be a cool slate blue-gray. I’m not ostentatious and often fly under the radar, but I like helping others and am the type to just put my head down and get to work. Blue-gray is a workhorse color that goes with just about anything and helps to really enliven other colors, making them pop and sing.” – Jessica
“I would probably be the crayon version of the “mystery markers” that change color- my color would change with my mood 🙂 but I would likely keep an almost constant green undertone. Mostly a lighter shade of green with a hint of blue, that would change to a darker tone when I’m angry or sad. I’d say this color because blue green can be a strong moody color or it can be nice and calming and refreshing with a sense of peace. (:” -Kim
“If I were a new crayon in the box my color would be called Prismatic Peach. It is a fabulous new coloring technology. An iridescent and shimmery hue of pale orange that changes color as you view it from different angles and in varying light.” -Jenn

There you have it! Their best gender neutral bundles on their design walls at Stash Fabrics! Which one is your favorite???

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