Gimme Kona Solids

The first year of our popular Kona club is coming to an end, which means it’s time to open up a new round for anyone looking to enhance their solid stash. Last year you had the option to accumulate nearly half of the colors of Kona Cotton from Robert Kaufman and this year we are adding the option to stash ALL the Kona colors currently available! Regardless of whether you are stashing half or all, each piece will be labelled with the color and you will receive a complimentary Kona Color Card with your 12th shipment as a thank you for building your Kona stash with us!

Space is limited and we will only be accepting new subscribers for this year through August 2016. The first bundle for each club will ship mid-September 2016.

Gimme All the Kona

You will receive 25 colors/month for 11 months in the cut of your choice. In the final month you will receive 29 colors and your complimentary Kona color card.


Gimme Half the Kona

You will receive 12 colors/month for 11 months in the cut of your choice. In the final month you will receive 20 colors and your complimentary Kona color card. At the end of the year, you will have the option to remain in the club for another year and receive the other half!

Please note: If you are already a member of the old Kona Club, rest assured that we will continue to send your bundles until you have received all 12 (a free color card will ship with your 12th month). If you prefer to switch to the new version during the sign up period, contact us about modifying your subscription and we can discuss your options. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that you will not receive duplicates from last year if you sign up for a new club this year.

5 thoughts on “Gimme Kona Solids

  1. Love kona, for me it’s all about how a fabric feels. If I like the color/pattern and it doesn’t feel great, it doesn’t come home. Just discovered how great these kona fabrics feel, and would love to work with more colors!

  2. I will be changing addresses in the middle of the year. Would it be possible to notify you of the change and have the monthly bundle sent to a new address?

    Thank you,

    Carolyn Nicewarner

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