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Here at Stash Fabrics, we believe that curating beautiful fabric bundles is an art. The ability to mix and match colors and collections in a beautiful way does not always come easy or quick, and indecision or lack of time can lead to a stalled vision. Sure, you could just grab a full collection bundle and call it a day, but that can be hard on your wallet, and you run the risk of having a collection of prints that aren’t your favorites. And sometimes you just want a quick, mindless project – something you can work on during nap time or as the day is winding down to give you that instant feeling of gratification without all the planning and/or coming to terms with cutting into your most prized stash.

These are just a few reasons why we are very excited to announce our latest club and contest – Stash Fabrics Design Star!!


We have selected 11 talented peeps from the sewing industry to curate bundles for you fine people from the very best in modern fabric. Each bundle will consist of 12 amazing prints and 4 coordinating solids and will no doubt fill your heart with joy.  Here is the lineup…

June 2016 – Rita of Red Pepper Quilts
July 2016 – Holly of Bijou Lovely
August 2016 – Ashley of Film in the Fridge
September 2016 – Nicole of Lillyella Stitchery
October 2016 – Felice of Sew Scatterbrained
November 2016 – Nicole of Modern Handcraft
December 2016 – Anna of Noodlehead
January 2017 – Giuseppe of Giucy Giuce
February 2017 – Jennie of Clover & Violet
March 2017 – Sari of Sariditty Handmade
April 2017 – Jacey of JaceyCraft

As a member of the year long club, you will receive these beautifully curated bundles each month straight to your mailbox in either fat quarter or half yard cuts. In addition, the Stash Fabrics team will be working on quick projects throughout the month using the bundles with hopes of inspiring you to find the time to create with new, pretty fabric. This could be just what you need!

Hmmm, 11 design stars, 12 months…but who will select the bundle for that final month?!?

Here’s the magic…IT COULD BE YOU!

Perhaps you read all this and thought, “they think bundle curation is hard?”, “I make the most beautiful quilts in my sleep”, “I have plenty of time on my hands”. If this is you, or you just have an affinity or knack for curating bundles, then we invite you to participate in our contest to be named our first ever Stash Fabrics Design Star!! Here are the deets…


Round 1 (June 1, 2016 – July 31, 2016)
Initial entries accepted to the contest. To enter the contest, you will curate a custom bundle of fabric in our shop using our design wall feature and either share your design wall on Facebook and/or Pinterest or post a screenshot of your bundle on Instagram and tag #stashfabricsdesignstar and #stashfabricsdesignwall. We will pick the top 12 entries to go onto the next round.

  • You do not have to have an account on our site to create a design wall, but we recommend that you create one to ensure that your design wall is saved between sessions.
  • When viewing a listing in our shop, you will see an option under the price to add that fabric to your design wall. You can access your design wall through a link in the top right corner of your screen.
  • Entry bundles should be 16 fabrics. You do not have to use solids in your bundle unless it suits you.
  • You do not have to be a member of the club to enter.
  • Multiple entries accepted per person.

Round 2-4 (September, October, November 2016)
Each month a new themed contest will begin. We will present the participants with a collage for which they are to develop a bundle from the fabrics in our shop around using the design wall. There will be a vote each round and the bottom 3 people will drop off.

Final Round (January 2017)
Final 3 people will design their best, most kick ass bundle using the fabric from our shop. A vote will determine the grand prize winner to be announced in February 2017.

So what’s in it for you? I mean aside from having your beautiful face added to our amazing graphic and major bragging rights. We thought free fabric was appropriate….


Grand Prize
The winner will receive the title of Stash Fabrics Design Star and their winning bundle will become the 12th and final bundle in our club. They will also receive ALL 12 fat quarter bundles from the Design Star Club including their own! 192 fat quarters total!

Second Place
First runner up will receive their curated bundle from the grand prize round and a $50 gift certificate to our shop.

Third Place
Second runner up will receive their curated bundle from the grand prize round and a $25 gift certificate to our shop.

That’s over $600 in prizes!!!! And did I mention it could be you? We invite you to join the club today and start thinking about those bundles. It’s going to be fun, fun, fun!

15 thoughts on “Stash Fabrics Design Star Club & Contest

  1. I CAN’T WAIT!!!! this is going to be so much fun seeing what everyone comes up with!! What a great idea!!

  2. Can we take part from the UK? Make it an international affair?! It sounds great! Have already loved the instagram involvement x

  3. This is a great opportunity! I have been thinking and trying to figure out how to become a fabric designer. This may be step one for me. Can’t wait to try the wall!

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